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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
cyril the squirrel (n) 5214mmBlythe[1:17:4]
cyril the squirrel (n) 5214mmColony[1:25:4]
cyril the squirrel (p) 3514mmColony[1:88:4]
cyril the squirrel (n) 3014mmAvon[2:17:4]
cyril the squirrel (n) 3114mmHephaestus[3:17:3h]
cyril the squirrel (n) 3114mmColony[3:17:4]
cyril the squirrel (n) 3114mmColony[3:17:5]
cyril the squirrel (n) 5014mmColony[4:19:4]
cyril the squirrel (n) 5014mmColony[4:19:5]
cyril the squirrel (n) 5014mmColony[4:19:6]